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Purpose of Establishment

The Korea Productivity Center(KPC) was established in 1957 to encourage the productivity improvement of the industrial world efficiently and systematically.
In the backward environment of the 1950s after the Korean War, Korea realized that the productivity movement would be the driving force for economic stability and economic growth, and so created the headquarters of KPC to lead this productivity movement. Established to contribute to national economic development by improving national, corporate and individual productivity, KPC has contributed to the increase of the national competitiveness and has been developed along with the Korean economy.

Productivity to Create a Better Future

With a firm belief that only productivity improvement will lead to a better tomorrow KPC has been devoted to improving the productivity, and now KPC has grown to be an organization trusted by customers.
Not satisfied with our past of being the first consulting firm in Korea and the top industrial educational institution in Korea, KPC will develop with our customers with a sense of mission and constant challenge to build a better tomorrow and happier Korea than today.