1. 1978

    Designated as a management
    guidance agency for SMEs

  2. 1986

    Established as a special corporation under the Industrial Development Act

  3. 1987

    Winning the Presidential Group Award on 24th Trade Day
    Designated as a specialized educational training organization under the Basic Law of Vocational Training

  4. 1988

    Completing the present KPC building &
    relocating the Center

  5. 1989

    Conducting the 5-year project
    for doubling productivity (1989~1993)

  6. 1998

    Releasing National Consumer
    Satisfaction Index (NCSI)

  7. 2002

    IT Qualification (ITQ) test obtained national accreditation

  8. 2003

    Releasing National Brand
    Competitiveness Index (NBCI)

  9. 2006

    Implementing the Productivity Management
    System (PMS) certification project

  10. 2007

    Hosting international conference
    on total factor productivity

  11. 2009

    Announcing world first Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) on national scale

  12. 2010

    Hosting the first international conference
    on Dow Jones Sustainability Index

  13. 2011

    Developing administrative productivity index of local government & hosting the first award ceremony of local government productivity awards
    Developing and distributing Korean manufacturing innovation methodology (KPS)

  14. 2012

    • Conducting global carbon & energy management certification project
    • Developing KMPI mental productivity diagnostic tool
    • 2012 Hosting Asia KLEMS Workshop
    • Winning the Presidential Group Award as a meritorious organization to support the job creation project hosted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor
    • Reaching the industry셲 first 100 million won
  15. 2015

    Starting 3D printing
    specialist training project

  16. 2016

    Establishing the University Consulting Center
    Operating Korean History Capability Certification Test