CEO Message

Greetings to you.

I am Chairman AHN Wan Gi of Korea Productivity Center.

The Korea Productivity Center(KPC) was established in 1957 to enhance the national productivity of the industrial sites. Since its establishment, KPC has been at the forefront of promoting the concept of 쁬anagement to companies. Today, KPC is recognized as the first consulting organization and the top industrial educational institution in Korea.

KPC has contributed to improve national, corporate and individual productivity by executing various research projects for the establishment of national policies, developing social capital measurements and consulting projects for corporate and public productivity enhancement, and implementing customized training services and qualifications.

KPC dreams of a 쁥appy world together. It is our mission to make every member of our society to enjoy a better world.

With a firm belief that only productivity improvement will lead to a better future, KPC will not be satisfied with its previous accomplishments and make every effort to build a better tomorrow for all.

KPC will strive to contribute to the national economic development. We would like to ask you for your continued interest and advice in our vision to future growth of KPC.