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Corporate Social Responsibility

Operation of CSR Support Center for SMEs

The CSR Support Center for SMEs has been operated since 2014 to inform SMEs of the right concept of CSR and to support sustainable growth of SMEs through various supporting activities that can be reflected in management. KPC serves as a CSR support center for SMEs that supports CSR of SMES.

Encouraging CSR management introduction

KPC is conducting public relations, education, and reward programs to improve awareness of SMEs and citizens regarding what CSR is and why CSR is necessary.

Increasing CSR introduction capability

KPC is implementing training and coaching projects to support companies who are aware of the necessity of CSR or are trying to perform CSR.

Infrastructure building project

KPC run a website (www.csr.go.kr) featuring CSR information, on-line education, and CSR level self-diagnosis and build infrastructure throughout the society by expanding social responsibility investment of SMEs and conducting surveys.