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Re-employment for the Elderly

Korea is currently becoming aging at the fastest rate in the world, and is expected to enter the super-aging society in 2026. As the life expectancy increases, an aggressive strategy to plan for the life after retirement is required to maintain an economic life of more than 30 years after retirement. KPC recognizes these social changes as an important task of national productivity and develops programs to help seniors to develop their career after retirement and to exert their capabilities in new jobs through re-employment or start-up.

Professional Instructor Training Course

In this course, KPC develops educational contents and support the transition of a person to a successful instructor by acquiring specialized lecture skills.

Management Consultant Training Course

This training course for management consultants is designed to learn the basic theories, methodology, and practices of consulting and to simulate scenario-based mock consulting.

Education of Double Cropping Life for the Retirement-deferred

This educational program is for employees who are eligible for retirement extension in corporations and public institutions. This is designed to let them prepare for a new life path like re-employment or start-up.

Employment Academy for the Elderly

This program targets the elderly people who want to find a job, helps them to understand their careers and interests and to acquire the necessary skills for re-employment.

Venture / start-up support

KPC provides step-by-step consulting and education from the item discovering stage to the exit stage to reinforce the start-up capability in the new technology convergence system and helps small and medium-sized or venture companies to increase their likelihood of success.


KPC provides venture & start-up support programs according to the programs in the area of start-ups and contents from Korea Creative Content agency, Small and Medium Business Administration, Regional Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, and Start-up Promotion Agency; and also according to its own accelerating methodology.
KPC finds specialists with experience and expertise in business commercialization, matches start-ups with consultants depending on the needs and business character of each start-up, and offers marketing, legal, and consulting services to improve and commercialize the business model of the start-up. Furthermore, KPC provides training and kick-off support necessary for strengthening start-up capability during the process of the consulting, thereby increasing the likelihood of its business success.


Employment Support for the Young

KPC performs employment support projects to serve as a hub that links companies and job seekers through education in order to create jobs and eliminate mismatches between them.
KPC runs a variety of employment training courses for the young that meet the needs of the companies so as to improve the productivity of each young job seeker and connect the right person to each company.


Employment Academy for the Young
(hosted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor)

This program provides humanities undergraduates with a job competency program to meet the needs of companies. It increases the opportunity for juniors to be employed by choosing their careers early, while it helps seniors to enter the labor market earlier without interruption after their graduation.

Creation Academy for the Young
(hosted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor)

This program is designed to help young people in the field of culture, arts and contents to improve their occupational skills through challenging and creative activities and to help the society to create new jobs.

Employment Camp
(hosted by the Ministry of Education)

This program enhances the employment capability for the university graduatesto-be and they can experience the employment process in advance in this program. It includes employing trends, job search, job analysis, application form preparation, image making and interview training, mock interview simulation, and actual interviews with HR personnel. In particular, in case that the participants in the program have the opportunity to get a job interview, KPC offers differentiated services from providing participants with information about the company to offering them pre-simulation and accompanying them to the interview.

Specialized technical training for science and technology
(hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT)

This program is designed for unemployed graduates to reinforce their practical ability by providing them with occupational education opportunities like company field training and to solve youth unemployment problem and imbalance in supply and demand of science and engineering workforce.

Visit Program to Small and Medium Enterprises
(hosted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor)

This program provides young people with opportunities to experience various jobs and industrial sites and offer information on excellent and strong small and medium enterprises to them in order to help small and medium enterprises to solve the mismatch in their workforce and encourage you people to enter the labor market earlier.